Crisis Management

Crisis Management and Communication
Because disasters occur without prejudice to organizations big and small, every organization should have at least some level of preparedness for a crisis. The Hartford Insurance company says 43% of small companies who have a crisis and no crisis plan never reopen. And of those that do reopen, only 29% are still operating two years later. Being ready means you are less likely to be a statistic. This program will give you an overview of crisis communications planning and response based on tested principles and real-world experience.

An Introduction to Crisis Management and Communication from ESG & Associates will help you to identify the fundamental steps you need to evaluate as a part of your crisis planning. Because communications is critical, this course will pay particular attention to key communications tools that will help to manage the flow of information. In an era of social media, communication is paramount. Instruction will include lecture, discussion, video examples and classroom exercises.

This program is appropriate for those professionals with the most to gain, or lose, if a crisis hits, including CEOs, general counsels, risk management personnel and communications practitioners at all levels.

The session will identify and discuss the right questions to ask such as, “How vulnerable are we? Where are our biggest risks?” and “Can we do this internally or do we need to bring in help?”

Participants will:
• Learn the basic steps required when planning for a crisis
• Identify how different functions should work together in a crisis situation
• Understand the role of internal and external communications in a crisis
• Discuss proper communications techniques for media interviews
• Review the right steps to take after the crisis is passed

Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to initiate crisis planning in their organizations, what functions need to be involved, and what tools and processes are available to assist.

Steve Goodyear, founder and senior partner of ESG & Associates will deliver this three hour program on site for groups up to 10-12 participants. Goodyear is a lecturer in the Marketing Department in the Carlson School of Management. A former journalist, he brings over 25 years’ experience in corporate communications programs with Motorola, Honeywell and Boston Scientific. His international experience includes substantial work in Europe and three years living in Hong Kong and working in Asia. In 1998, Goodyear presented on crisis management and communications to the full Legislative Council of Hong Kong. In 2007, he presented crisis communications as a part of the Executive Education program at Royal Education in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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