Marketing Takeaways From An Election To Forget

All the controversy aside, there are a few things worth remembering from the way the candidates managed marketing and communications in this recent presidential election.We all tend to ignore the fundamentals at times and this serves as a reminder that the basics still count.

Market research is good but sometimes the data can be flawed. Use your judgement. If the data just seems off…it may well be. The media is being roundly criticized for being so far off with poll data in the days leading up to the election. Trump ignored that data. Perhaps Hillary should have as well.

Quick. What was Trump’s key message? “Make America Great Again”. Easy. Hillary’s? Not so easy. Trump’s camp put forth simple easy to remember messages (think Crooked Hillary) and repeated then ad nauseam. ┬áSimplification and consistency can still be a worthwhile marketing strategy.

In you ever doubted it, digital communications and social media rule. If you do not have a strong digital component in your marketing strategy you are potentially missing a large portion of the worlds population.

Now let’s see how the President-elect communicates his agenda and his plan. This will be interesting.

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