The Economist Weighs In On Data Security

We mentioned earlier in this space, outsourcing security and regularly testing your defenses are two specific ways to get better at protecting yourself.

But here’s one approach that is plausible but rarely used. Apply deception. Deliberately plant data with enticing file names and erroneous data. When that data is used you know you not only have a breach but who the attacker might be. Chances are they are in a country where you cannot reach them but the government might want to know anyway. One example cited in Manage Like a Spymaster from The Economist is that of a bank.

one American bank placed a series of fake profiles of non- existent staff on its internal computer network, including e-mail addresses. Whenever a transfer request arrived, addressed to one of these aliases, it knew that the sender was likely to be a fraudster.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

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