Hackers Focus On the Little Guys

It is the Target, Home Depot and U.S. government breaches that get all the attention but in a Verizon Data Breach Report it is the little guys who get hit the most often. Companies with fewer than 100 employees bear the brunt of 71% of cyberattacks.

In a recent Wall St Journal article, Lou Shipley, president and CEO of Black Duck Software, shared his thoughts on what small businesses can do to protect themselves. If you are one of those smaller firms it might make for a worthwhile read. Even if you are not, it is probably a good investment of a few short minutes.

Some of what Shipley writes is just good business sense. If you cannot afford the expense of on-staff IT professionals then outsource your network security. The independent perspective offers more of a reality check. Using Free Open Source Software (FOSS)? Think again. Yes, some of it, like Mozilla Firefox, is quite good but it is free for a reason. Your security is not as high on their list as it is on yours.

Food for thought.

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