Lessons from The Interview

Never mind that North Korea’s Supreme leader Kim Jong-un was able to get into the SONY organization’s files and embarrass Seth Rogan and a handful of SONY executives, the real culprit is organized crime and the burgeoning market for consumer financial data.

According to an article in the USA TODAY, 43% of companies had a data breach in the past year. Target, Michaels, PF Chang’s Home Depot and Neiman Marcus and a host of well-known brands are among those hacked. Also reported in that story is that data breaches are significantly under-reported.

If you don’t want to read about it in the newspaper, just listen to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes summarize the issue.

There is no moral to this story save this. If you are a consumer, take steps to minimize your risk knowing that you cannot eliminate it entirely. If you are an organization doing business using digital data, prepare for the impact both to your finances and to your reputation. According to the experts, it is a matter of not if but when your data is breached.

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