Wearable technology. Imagine that!

A growing trend in communications was highlighted by Apple yesterday in its announcement of new products, including the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. Wearable technology. Samsung and other competitors are already there in a big way. Now comes the challenge of the Apple brand in the form of the Apple Watch. It doesn’t hurt that they have a little organization called the Mayo Clinic on their side.

But this week’s announcements from one of the most valued brands in the world just reinforces what advertising pros have been saying for years – that virtually all of the truly unique creative ideas have been thought of already. It was 1999 when a small team of brand experts from Motorola led by Gloria Shui worked with Internet World Asia to create a DigitalDNA fashion event showcasing wearable Motorola technology from pagers to cell phones and more. The event was a huge hit and it was highlighted in news media around the world, most prominently on CNN.

And when advertising creativity is hard to come by? The popular fallback is to just use children or monkeys. They both work every time.

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