Lessons from the world of sports

Digital communications are so fast that it is hard to recall or otherwise repair messages if you deliver that occasional mis-statement. Social media has made sure of that.

Now we see further proof from the sports world of all places. Fox Sports has hired self-proclaimed “communications expert” Frank Luntz to interpret the real messages from sports stars as they talk publicly about their games, their performances, their teams. “Frank Luntz is an expert in reading between the lines and assessing the validity and sincerity of what people say, whether it’s said during press conferences or off-the-cuff,” said Fox in a recent news release.

Luntz would have had a field day with Richard Sherman’s rants just after the Super Bowl.

So if sports stars were hesitant to do that live interview after the game, now they have even more to reason to pause.

Maybe that media skills training is a good idea after all. Ya think?

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