26 Things Pro Athletes Should Never Say

#21 – Stop asking to be traded to Monaco.

Media skills training can have a lighter side– especially if your trainer includes some videos of President George Bush in full bumbling mode. For President Bush it was often the delivery. He had a knack. For the rest of us, there are things to say and there are things not to say. Ever. No matter what.

Jason Gay at the Wall St Journal has taken that time honored tradition of hind sight and applied it to Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett, who had the temerity to get defensive when questioned about his habits on days off. Now if Beckett and the Red Sox were playing well this would have blown over in a New York minute (sorry, couldn’t  resist).  But they are not. So Joe Six Pack at Fenway Park wants his multi-millionaires to spend the day in complete and total angst, suffering. Doing something, anything, to get back on track. Beckett played golf.

If you are a media skills trainer, enjoy the material for your training sessions. If you are a sports fan, take a look at yet one more criticism of millionaire athletes. If you are a Boston Red Sox fan, check out some of my other posts. Perhaps one on China.

Jason.          Love it.


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