Digital Divide?

The Digital Divide. The long talked about chasm between the haves and the have-nots in the American economy. For years, access to technology and the ability to use the Internet have been described as a growing gap in not only the America culture but in those in emerging markets as well.

No more.

Smartphones are growing in their ability to access everything the Internet has to offer. They are also growing in use. Nielsen says that the number of smartphones will exceed the number of feature phones in the USA in 2011. That means access and all the benefits that go along with that. For lower income Americans. For students. For anyone who in the past may have been “resource constrained”.

So, if you are thinking about how you get the attention of those audiences. Think again.
Lucy Hood of the WSJ talks about the growth of inexpensive prepaid cell phone plans and how that changes the way that Americans connect to the Internet for information and products. A worthwhile read.

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