Your Content Will Start in 30 Seconds

One of the advantages of digital media is that it is measurable – and track able. But as the different methods of getting attention on the web multiply, so do the complications in delivering genuine value and measuring what that value might be.

The tactics that worked and then waned on television are finding their way to the Internet. Advertisers are finding that interrupting content is a questionable way to deliver attention. At times, it can have adverse effects. I know I am often peeved when the article I want to read is continually interrupted by a roll-over ad that just won’t go away. So I spend far too much time trying to find out what triggers that add to show up and then finally I give up and move on.

The metrics that we all have come to rely on for digital media are discussed with some useful observations by Australia and New Zealand manager for SAY Media, Duncan Arthur at It is worth a read.

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